Casino Strategies

Anyone who has played casino games is probably aware that the house ultimately takes the most profit on average. Games of chance are normally programmed so that the house always has an advantage over the players. The house edge is highest on various slot machines, where it can go up to 10%. And the lowest in Blackjack, where players play casino strategies giving the house only a small edge.

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Various casino strategies have been developed for almost every game over many years, and you can now find more and more tips and strategies to win at the casino that you can choose. Of course, we must remember that in these games the sense of pure chance is involved so any strategy will be 100% efficient. However, you can read below the casino strategies for the most popular casino games right now:

Blackjack strategies and tricks:

Blackjack trick 1 – Know the basic rules very well

For a player who decides to get started in the game of Blackjack, the most important thing is to know the rules of the game in depth. After this, to put your skill to use, it is important that you start playing with the free versions offered by some online casino sites. You can usually play Blackjack for free online at all of them.

Blackjack strategy 2 – Establish your bankroll

Establish a budget and choose a game table whose betting limits are adjusted to your capital. If, for example, the player’s budget is € 50 in a Blackjack session, they should not participate at a table where the minimum bet is € 10. Since you will not have the opportunity to play enough hands to recover the money invested, in case of having a bad streak. A trick to win at Blackjack or not lose everything in the attempt is that the minimum bet is not more than 5% of your budget. This is something that even a high roller casino player should follow.

Blackjack trick 3 – Don’t use insurance

Some online casinos offer the possibility of requesting insurance in case the dealer draws an Ace. The best thing to do, even when the offer may seem attractive, is not to do so. If the player asks for insurance, he will most likely bet half the initial bet and only get something back if he is lucky enough to land a Blackjack. Although it may seem like a good trick to win, the truth is that in this case it increases the house edge.

Online slots strategies:

Knowing how slot machines work is one of the most important steps so that later you can apply the tricks to win at this game. In this case, these machines use random number generators, which means that the result that is presented on each of the reels is also random.

It doesn’t matter how much you pull the lever or press the keys on the computer. There are no online slots tricks when it comes to how to interact with it. The numbers generated, the icons that appear on the screen, all are variable. In the same way, your chances of winning are also variable. Once we understand that this is a game entirely of chance, we move on to the slot tips and tricks.

Slot strategy 1: Casino bonuses and promotions

Take advantage of the casino bonuses or promotions offered by the different online casinos. So, with a small amount deposited, you have more money to bet on and more chances to win. In fact, there are some that even give bonuses without the need to make a previous deposit, only with the player opening an account. These bonuses are highly desirable and one of the best slot tricks; but they have a higher wagering requirement when it comes to withdrawing money.

Slot Trick 2: Game Payout Percentages

Another one of the tricks for slot machines are to compare the payout percentages of each game. As mentioned above, some slot machines are programmed so that 92-97% of bets are not winners. The player can find out about these payout percentages on the pages of regulated online casinos, which periodically publish reports on this topic.

Slot strategy 3: Establish a Bankroll

Following the tricks to win at real money slots, another one is to establish a gaming budget or bankroll. However, this can help you more to control your losses than to generate profits. At online casinos, the player will have the option of contacting customer service to request a betting limit be placed on their account.

Electronic Roulette strategies

Have you ever wondered how to win at electronic roulette? It is a game that seems pure chance and it is. The ball falls arbitrarily in a square, without being able to guess for sure where it will land.

However, within randomness, there is a science called probability. This does not allow us to always guess the result, but it does allow us to play with more hits. Using probability and statistics is one of the most used electronic roulette tricks of all time.

To learn how to win at roulette, you are going to have to use math to your advantage. But don’t worry, you won’t have to calculate anything. Other players have already done the calculations, so you just must learn how to use these electronic roulette strategies. These are some of them, the easiest to use.

Martingale strategy

This is one of the most used strategies for its simple operation. We can use it in all electronic roulette games. We will have to alternate and double our bets between red and black. It works in the following way. We bet € 1 on red, if we lose, in the next one we will bet € 2. If we lose again, we will bet € 4, so on. When we win, we will switch to black and do the same. It is a matter of probability that our color ends up coming out and we end up getting our money back.

D’Alembert strategy.

This strategy is based on the law of equilibrium. We will add one unit when we lose and subtract one when we win. Playing with this strategy we minimize losses in the worst case. If the rounds smile at us, what we will get are profits.

Fibonacci strategy.

We will play with the famous Fibonacci mathematical sequence on our side. In this sequence, each number is the result of adding the previous two: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21, etc. Using this sequence, each time we lose we will bet the amount of the next number. If we win, we delay the next bet by two numbers.