Online Roulette

Online roulette is one of the most popular and exciting classic casino games, like online Poker or Blackjack, constantly attracting large numbers of players worldwide, who can enjoy this game from the comfort of home, office or anywhere else, through the computer or any mobile device of your choice, playing directly online or downloading an application. You can even feel the realism of the physical casino, thanks to the appearance of live casino games with flesh and blood dealers.

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The online roulette game can be enjoyed in online casinos in free versions or for real money. Free versions of online roulette will allow players to play just for fun, familiarize themselves with the rules of the game, or practice winning strategies.

Versions of the Roulette

In new  online casinos there are several types and versions of the game of roulette. Among these, European roulette and French roulette are the best option for the player since they offer him better odds of winning. In this game, there are 36 numbers (from 1 to 36) and a single number 0, which is the number that favors the house.

The other most common version of this game is American roulette. It is played exactly like European roulette. But the most marked difference is in the betting area, since it has an extra number, double 0. Although this offers one more betting option, it increases the house advantage and reduces the player’s probability of winning.

Playing roulette online is very easy, and there are plenty of sites such as with great tips for this game; but you must know the rules before you start betting real money. The main objective of roulette is for the player to guess in which number or sector of the board the ball will land in each hand.

The game starts when the players place the bets. The player can choose to make internal or external bets. In the first case, the player may bet on a number or on a group of them. As for external bets, you can choose a color, bet on whether the number that will come out will be even or odd and / or high or low.

Once all bets are on the table, the dealer will close the table so no further changes or more money can be placed. Immediately, the dealer or the roulette casino software will power the wheel. It will rotate for a while before stopping at a space. When the ball has completely stopped, the winning square will be known.

In the French roulette version, there are two special rules, En Prison and La Partage. In Prison it can also be applied to European roulette wheels. And it is not a strictly obligatory rule, so before entering to play, the player must inform himself if it applies or not.

This rule applies to even bets and to result in the box of 0. In this case, the bets placed remain on the table until the next spin. And the player will be given the option to use it on the next bet. Similarly, the player can choose to withdraw the money, but in this case only 50% will be returned.

La Partage is special for French roulette and is like the previous rule. However, it does not only apply to pair betting but to highs and lows and blacks and reds. If 0 comes out as the winning result, half of the money placed on the bet will be returned immediately.